Monday, December 24, 2018

Episode 20: Tarzan and the Amazons (1945)

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Noel and Michael are joined by returning guest Melissa Kaercher (A Reel Education, A Reel Education: Noir) to discuss teenage Boy, the return of Jane, and a hidden civilization of warrior women in Sol Lesser and Johnny Weissmuller's third collaboration for RKO.


  1. This is a middle of the road adventure but nice introduction to Brenda Joyce. She had a wholesome sexiness and great legs.She worked well with both Johnnys-unfortunetly the writers made her quite bland.
    Johnny looks ok in this entry but would really tone up for the next adventure.

  2. Agreed about Brenda - RKO definitely dropped the ball with her & Weissmuller not rekindling the steamy love affair evident in the MGM series.

    That said, I think the scene with Tarzan carrying Athena, played by Shirley O'Hara, back to Palymria was lovely, even quite sexy in its own right. Think about it from Tarzan's perspective - he hadn't been with a woman in two years - and sees this leggy pretty young lady in a leopard mini-dress in peril. He didn't need much prodding to sweep Athena up and carry her honeymoon style for miles through a mountain range back to the Amazon village.