Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Episode 21: Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (1946)

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Michael and Noel welcome Carlin Trammel (Nerd Lunch, Dragonfly Ripple, Pod James Pod) for a jam-packed episode about leopard cults, home invasions, '50s sitcoms, colonialism, and Acquanetta.


  1. Hi Michael-I'm enjoying the podcast.Just a few words about Leopard Woman.
    You didn't mention how great Johnny looked in this film.He had gone thru more workout time and his physique is the best of the RKO films.
    Also the scene with Lea approaching Tarzan with the claw sceptor is very erotic and even borders on a dominatrix scene.Keep up the good work. Yours,Dave.

  2. Thanks, Dave! I missed the subtext of the scepter scene. I need to go back and rewatch that now. And you're absolutely right about Weissmuller's looking great.

    Thanks for all your comments on the other episodes, too! It was fun reading through those.

  3. The Leopard Woman film was rare, in that Tarzan gets beaten up pretty badly in hand to hand combat (albeit by a dozen Leopard Men with claws). In the other Weissmuller films, the villain(s) use some sort of emotional blackmail, or Jane and/or Boy as pawns in the battle against Tarzan.

    As for the scene Dave mentioned, having Tarzan tied up at the mercy of a sexy female is definitely next level stuff. And the scene is brilliantly shot, with Lea holding the claw in the foreground over Tarzan's chest - certainly the greatest symbol of his manhood - at least that could be shown on screen anyway. The angle not so subtly shows Lea's exact intentions to torture Tarzan with the claw.